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Consumers Still Having Their Dinners Interrupted by Telemarketers A Decade After the ‘Do Not Call List’ Was Made Law


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- September 29th is the 10 year anniversary of the signing of the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act of 2003 and since then the situation has only gotten worse.

In 2012 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received 600,000 more telemarketer complaints than the previous the year motivating Alfredo Purrinos to offer a solution called the T-Lock Call Blocker.

“Even if the law wasn’t one of the biggest legislative failures ever,” said Purrinos, president of, the seller of this device. “Political RoboCalls, which are not hindered by the ‘Do Not Call List’, are ready to go into full force for the 2014 election cycle.”

The T-Lock Call Blocker, which works on land lines and VOIP phones, allows users to gain control their incoming calls by blocking up to 1,200 unwanted phone numbers, and even entire area codes. Users simply press a button when they receive unwanted calls, and the numbers go to a BLACKLIST memory, preventing future calls from the same numbers to ring their phone lines.

“When they order, people are constantly reporting harassing calls from the same vendors even after they’ve been informed several times.” He said noting that the T-Lock is the number one selling call blocking device on both Amazon and eBay.

In addition to RoboCalls which are not under the act, several other loopholes or exceptions exist like those for not-for-profit organizations, survey takers, and bill collectors.

“This law has even embolden many telemarketers.” Said Purrinos, who considers himself a reformed telemarketer. “For example, even large corporations have used surveys to get permission to follow-up with telemarketing offers.”

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing nearly a quarter million telemarketers in the US and counties like the Philippines staffing large call centers, the problem of unwanted calls is not likely to go away.

“It’s remarkable how wondering a quite phone sounds,” he said of using the device. “And, it provides peace-of-mind to know when a call comes in it’s important.”

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