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T5 Thermobolic Discovers Ground Breaking Weight Loss Formula


Blackpool, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- After trying hundreds of weight loss formula failures and sham slimming products, T5 Thermobolic, a revolutionary slimming pill, is now hitting the market for consumers to discover its potency and unparalleled composition developed through years of painstaking testing. Alongside this discovery is an invitation from this revolutionary fat burning pill’s manufacturer for all men and women who battle physical pains and emotional stresses associated with excess weight to try the product and see what difference it makes in just a matter of 10 days.

T5 Fat Burners push the standard limit of typical weight loss aids and supplements, going beyond expectations both of the public and medical experts. In a matter of 10 days of religious intake, users can anticipate a big cut from his or her weight of up to eight pounds or even more with intense physical training. Results have already been proven, making the product highly commended by gyms, fitness experts and sunbed shops across United Kingdom.

The ground breaking formula of T5 Slimming Pills is made of different potent and active ingredients that are scientifically accepted to increase fat burning capacity and enhance muscular development. The composition includes dendrobium extract, known for its thermogenic effect; green tea extract, an effective mood enhancer to fight bingeing; caffeine and guarana, both potent stimulants and energy enhancers; phenylalanine, an appetite suppressant; and other compounds that contribute to fast weight loss.

Customers can buy a bottle of 60 capsules (good for a month) at only £25 or a pack or four bottles for a discounted price of £80. Delivery within UK can be expected after 24 to 48 hours.

Interested individuals can visit T5 Thermobolic’s website at www.t5thermobolic.co.uk for more information or place an order by calling 01253 628370. Prices and delivery details for the rest of Europe and outside the continent can also be acquired by calling (++44) 1253 628370.

The manufacturer is headquartered at Blackpool, Lancashire.