T5 Thermobolic

T5 Thermobolic Launches Groundbreaking Weight Loss Formula


Blackpool, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- In the mission to meet strict consumer demands for an effective and powerful weight loss supplement, T5 Thermobolic launches Evolution Thermobolic, the strongest and most potent thermogenic fat-busting supplement in the market to date. This revolutionary slimming remedy promises to induce fast weight loss of up to eight pounds for as short as 10 days. This guaranteed result is in fact far from average industry weight reduction rate of two pounds for at least two weeks.

With years of painstaking dedication to weight loss science, the company’s team of experts formulated T5 slimming pills that do not only effectively suppress appetite and enhance metabolism but directly dissolves fat cells as they are deposited as well. This triple weight loss function is significantly better than other slimming pills that need to rely on their appetite-suppressant and metabolism-enhancement properties.

The formulation of this powerful fat burner uses the amazing natural properties of dendrobium extract to directly affect the structure and conversion of fat cells. This newly discovered main component triggers the brain to prioritize energy consumption from burned fats rather than carbohydrates, speeding up the weight loss process tremendously compared to relying on calorie deficiency and workout alone.

T5 fat burner is even made more potent with the addition of six scientifically recognized natural fat burners, appetite suppressants and muscle stimulants. It contains caffeine and guarana extract, two excellent muscle stimulants and energy boosters to enhance the muscles’ consumption of calories. It also has green tea extract whose catechin is known for its thermogenic effect, which increases internal body temperature for better metabolic action, as well as sida cordifolia, another thermogenic substance.

The product’s unique feature is naringin, a natural effect amplifier to make sure that all the ingredients’ potency are preserved and remains effective. Add to this the benefits of phenylalanine, a powerful appetite suppressant.

A bottle of this wonderful product is now being sold for a low introductory price of £25 per bottle, or £80 for four bottles.