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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- The online game world has exploded in the recent past with mind boggling games, high intensity graphics and multiplayer configurations taking over the simple fun of gaming. The new age games have in a way robbed the player of the delight that a computer game gives.

It is an indisputable fact that gamers today are more confused, more agitated and all the more stressed as the games they play have a complicated interface and, also involve commitments in terms of time, money and energy. A website which vows to eliminate this confusion and take passionate gamers back to the joy of playing simple format computer games is

In addition to being an exciting game platform, it is also a place where number junkies can get their dose of interesting facts and trivia on statistics backed by scientific research and analysis. One can find intriguing data that links back to game stats which gives gamers an overall view of what they can expect. has been set up primarily to help an individual understand the scope of freedom he or she can enjoy when they play simple computer games. The website has a refreshing take on otherwise boring games. It helps players seek support on getting rid of the agony that is usually associated with long drawn games that are not only physically tiring but, mentally demanding as well. has just launched and is already witnessing a sharp rise in the number of people subscribing to the idea of going back to simple yet engaging computer games.

The website is a great place to get in touch with data and statistics pertaining to the game world which can help gamers get a better hang on their favorite games.

Those who keep a special interest in map will also find the tools furnished on this website to be extremely handy.

This is an online portal, an e-library of information that is interesting and useful. The website discusses subjects such as games, maps, science, data and downloads. It is a platform where gamers can discover the many possibilities the game world has and how understanding its nuances can help attain satisfaction.

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