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Tablet Comparison Tool from Tablet Nation Helps People Choose the Best Device


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- Tablets have exploded on the market providing consumers with a large number of benefits over traditional computers and other electronics. From offering a quick and easy way to access the Internet, read books and play games, to allowing people to take and store photos, listen to music and watch videos, tablets continue to offer a range of high-tech features.

Given their popularity, more and more companies are trying to compete with Apple’s iPad by releasing their own tablets. This has flooded the market with a wide range of tablets, making it increasingly difficult for consumers to know which tablet is the right one for their unique needs.

For help choosing the right tablet, people can turn to Tablet Nation, a site dedicated to providing insightful articles, reviews and tools about the latest tablets on the market.

To further help consumers find their best-suited tablet, Tablet Nation recently performed a major upgrade to their tablet comparison tool. The enhanced tool allows people to find the tablet computer that fits their needs by comparing each device’s unique specifications.

Visitors can choose up to four tablets at a time to compare from the site’s comprehensive list. As tablets are selected, the comparison tool displays them side-by-side allowing people to quickly compare each tablet’s price, software, computing power, display, size, input and output, wireless capabilities, cameras, sensors, battery and availability.

Whether a person is interested in learning more about the Apple iPad, the Google Nexus 7, the HP TouchPad, the Samsung Galaxy or the Amazon Kindle Fire, Tablet Nation’s newly upgraded comparison tool allows them to compare Android tablets, iOS tablets and Windows tablets. People can also narrow the selection of tablets by sorting by popularity or price, connectivity, size and operating system.

According to the site, “In the crowded tablet PC market, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest options and features. You can now use our enhanced comparison tool to filter and compare all the latest tablets to find the one that's best for you!”

The site also features an array of detailed articles and reviews regarding the latest, most popular tablets currently available.

To use the site’s upgraded tablet comparison tool or for more information, visit http://tabletnation.com/compare

About Tablet Nation
Tablet Nation is a website for tablet computing enthusiasts. The company provides articles, reviews and tools to help people chose the right tablet and get the most out of their tablet computing experience.