Tactical Training Center Provides Top Training for Future Detectives


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2013 -- Tactical Training Center, a school for private investigator Miami, provides comprehensive training for those who are dreaming to be public security officers or private investigators, to make certain they will be equipped with knowledge, skills, commitment and the right attitude for work.

Basically, this school for South Florida private detective offers two intensive courses that can taken by students in any order – Class G and Class D classes. When students complete these courses, they can easily apply for their license as security officers with their professional training and background to be a private investigator in Florida.

Meanwhile, the Class G training concentrates on handling firearms efficiently. This 28-hour training equips the students with a license to be an armed security officer after they have completed the requirements for the Class D training. The classes include lectures as well as practical lessons in shooting ranges.

Class D training lasts for 40 hours that will lead students to gain the training and knowledge to be unarmed security officer. The training consists of professional and ethical conduct, patrol strategies, access control, writing file reports, legal issues and work liability, accident prevention and safety, providing first aid, and using state-of-the-art communication facilities. After completing Class D training, students can apply license for an unarmed public security officer.

As a school for the Florida private investigator, Tactical Training Center upholds ethics, integrity, and professionalism to produce committed graduates. After completing the course, the school ensures that the students are not only knowledgeable in theoretical aspects of private investigation but also practical applications in police science.

The goal of Tactical Training Center is to serve as a training ground and a dynamic place for students who want to pursue their careers as private investigators or public security officers.

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