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Lansdale, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2019 -- Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a popular form of debt relief service used by businesses throughout America. As a reputable Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas, Tadross Law is immediately available to advise any companies on this type of bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are a process in which the bankruptcy trustee will gather and sell all the debtor's nonexempt assets. The proceeds of these sales are used to pay creditors in line with the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code. Some of the debtor's property may be used as collateral and pledged to other creditors. However, debtors will be allowed to keep specific property "exempt" under the Bankruptcy Code.

Chapter 7 cases start with the debtor filing a petition at court that serves the area in which they live or where their business is located. The debtor must also provide lists of assets and liabilities, proof of income and expenditure, a financial statement, and a schedule of unexpired leases, and executory contracts.

Debtors will also be asked to file tax return transcripts for the most recent and previous years. Those with primarily consumer debts will be asked for a certificate of credit counseling, evidence of wage payments from employers, a statement of monthly income, and a record of any interest owed for federal or state-qualified education.

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