Taggit - the World's Fastest Solution for Attaching Woven Labels


Askim, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 --, a brand of Namnband i Göteborg AB in Sweden, is now launching its patented product Taggit to an international audience.

Taggit is an easy, clever and probably the fastest way to attach woven labels. It is the perfect solution for stressed out parents when labeling their children’s’ clothes.

Taggit consists of two pieces a pin and a washer. To label clothes all you need to do is to push the pin through the garment and the woven label and thereafter push the washer onto the pin and finally you press the pin until it breaks. With Taggit you can label clothes within seconds.

Benefits of Taggit:
- Saves time
- Withstand shot machine washes
- Easy to remove which increases second value of the clothes

Taggit comes in packages of 100 pcs and the price is an amazing $10. NameTapesandlabels,com delivers amongst other to Australia, New Zeeland, USA and Canada and apply free shipping for all orders.

For more information, please visit or watch this instructional video:

Media Contact:
Johan Kjell