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Tahir Abbas Academia and the Importance of Space Travel


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- A British Astronaut has recently expressed how important he feels space exploration is, not just to cure general human curiosity, but it is important for the continued survival of the species. Students of Tahir Abbas Faith University lectures can expect to see research from Major Tim Peake, who is currently in training for six months on the International Space Station, next year. Major Peake went on to describe that whether it is studying asteroids or trips to the moon, the exploration of space is necessary for the future of mankind.

When asked if Tim Peake would reach out to Earth, much like Chris Hadfield had when he visited the ISS and took pictures of his position above various countries throughout his stay, Major Peake replied that he ‘certainly hopes that the mission is inspirational’. Few space missions have attracted the same amount of attention as the original moon landing by Neil Armstrong forty five years ago, but it is hoped that continuous research conducted on the ISS will create a further generation of would-be astronauts.

Followers of Tahir Abbas’ Facebook page will be able to follow Major Peake’s progress as he continues his training over the coming year. The training, which is conducted in Cologne, Germany, involves much more than just weightlessness training as it was in the beginning of space exploration. Astronauts today are taught a multitude of skills that will help them maintain the ISS, including repair work, electrical systems management, as well as the knowledge they need to fully carry out the research in space.

Connections of Tahir Abbas’ LinkedIn profile can also actively contribute to Major Peake’s research as they have been invited to choose what meal the astronaut should eat while in space, part of the nutrition studies he will perform on the ISS.

About Tahir Abbas
As a Professor of Sociology at the Faith University in Istanbul, Tahir Abbas has performed many qualitative and quantitative into the state of Islam in non-Muslim countries. Students of Tahir Abbas’ Islamophobia studies will have benefitted from the great effort that the scholar puts in to providing a balanced view of the religion in the modern world.

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