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Tailgating Guru - 19 Must Have Tailgating Recipes Reveals the Best Superbowl Recipes


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- Tailgating Guru - 19 Must Have Tailgating Recipes, a Superbowl party recipe book written by tailgating expert Cristiano Fortelli, reveals quick and easy recipes for Superbowl parties. The said book which has 46 pages is designed to provide a fun cooking and food preparation experience to tailgating party lovers and goers without the need to spend a fortune for expensive ingredients.

Fortelli is confident that his book will be able to meet the demands and needs of buyers because it is written in such a way that will inform and entertain them at the same time. He also boasts that all the recipes can just be prepared in as fast as 30 minutes and do not require costly ingredients.

The instructions are also clearly written using the simplest language. According to the author, this is one of the factors that will provide readers satisfaction and ease in cooking. To give readers a chance in trying other flavor varieties, the author also presented other substitute ingredients.

With the rich content, easy to make and delightful recipes and writing style of the author, Tailgating Guru - 19 Must Have Tailgating Recipes gained positive feedbacks from customers.

“These recipes look simple and great: I was impressed by the chile recipe with a lot of additional touches that I bet will add amazing flavor - like BEER! And there are a many dips and wings recipes for the perfect party, with very easy-to-follow instructions. Not complicated, or hard to make, either. Can't wait to try 'em.” – LT

“Packed full of exciting recipes even I could make. Perfect timing as we get into preseason! Time to dig in!” – Mitchel M.D.

About 19 Must Have Tailgating Recipes
With the Superbowl Tournament fast approaching, Fortelli is expecting for a surge of buyers in the next coming days. To ensure the high sales of his book, he will also offer a free promo from January 31 to February 2.

Currently, the book is priced $4.99, but will still be subject to some changes in the next coming months due to certain factors. On the other hand, previous buyers of the book are anticipating for the next recipe book that Fortelli will launch in Amazon KIndle.

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