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Take a Better Look at Presbyopia Treatment with Contact Lenses, in Irvine, CA

Presbyopia is a vision condition that develops gradually after 40 years old. Reading glasses, bifocals and multifocals are the usual types of vision correction for presbyopia prescribed by eye doctors. Yet many people are resistant to putting on these eyeglasses.


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2016 -- With his unique specialty in presbyopia treatment, Dr. Ali A. Mohebbi, of Plaza Optometry, offers an alternative method of vision correction in his Irvine, CA, office. To resolve presbyopia and restore comfortable, sharp vision to this patients, Dr. Mohebbi performs detailed fittings for specialty contact lenses.

To explain the basics of presbyopia – as people age, so do the lenses of their eyes. The ability to adjust and focus on objects at various distances becomes diminished, resulting in blurry vision up-close. This explains the common phenomenon of people holding fine print farther from their face when reading. Presbyopia typically affects everyone at some point and cannot be escaped. Yet bifocal and multifocal contact lenses, available in both soft and rigid, gas permeable versions, grant convenient, highly effective and attractive presbyopia treatment.

At Plaza Optometry, Dr. Mohebbi recommends multifocal contact lenses as a superior way to achieve crisp near eyesight with presbyopia. In direct contrast to bifocals, contact lenses enable the wearer to look in any direction with consistent vision. Even eyeglasses with progressive lenses require gazing over the frames to look up or into the distance. Additionally, recent advances in multifocal contact lenses have upgraded the visual acuity and comfort of this presbyopia treatment.

Released earlier this year, innovative Dailies Total1 Multifocal contacts, by Alcon, lead the way in treating presbyopia with contact lenses. While other contacts also target presbyopia, these revolutionary lenses are customized to resolve the irritation caused by dry eyes, which is a common ocular complaint by patients over age 40. Composed of a new water gradient lens technology, the soft, "water-loving" surface of this lens is comparable to the soft outer surface of the cornea – thereby coating the eye in comfort. Along with seamless distant, near and intermediate vision, Dailies Total1 are the ultimate treatment for presbyopia.

Fitting specialty lenses requires high skill and a particular expertise. With more than 15 years of experience and top qualifications, Dr. Mohebbi performs thorough contact lens fittings for the most complex, hard-to-fit vision conditions. Following an eye exam at Plaza Optometry, many patients who had been told contact lenses were impossible for them now enjoy clear vision and comfortable eyes. In addition to fitting multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia, Dr. Mohebbi specializes in customizing scleral lenses to suit irregular corneas and other eye conditions.

A recipient of the Clinical Excellence Award from Cole Vision and Eye Med, Dr. Ali Mohebbi invites all Santa Ana patients to benefit from his experience and specialty in treating presbyopia with multifocal lenses.