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As contractors today face a huge problem with their payroll, ERG umbrella services completely take care or all the money matters that there are to be taken care of. From the alerts, to the employment status, to getting paid on time, ERG manages it all.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Umbrella companies are a boon to the people who sell products and render services as sole traders. While sole trading has a lot of advantages, it suffers the brunt of being a smaller enterprise in comparison to the big and popular names in their respective industry. So many people who do not want to establish themselves as sole traders, or do not want to complete their tax returns, or do not have their own limited company are most likely to take to umbrella companies. The services that are rendered by the umbrella companies are such that the individual companies can save tax, have a huge network and also enjoy the benefits of being a contractor.

ERG Umbrella Services is one of the most popular companies that provide top notch umbrella services and a full time employment status to the contractors and clients within it. The services that are provided by ERG are:

- Tax saving, by the medium of expense allowances.
- The companies can be assured that they will be paid on time.
- Issue of a weekly pay slip.
- ERG aids the contractors or the companies with full admin support.
- Free professional insurances of large amounts.
- Can take same day payments and free credit control.
- Contractors are entitled to free professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

All these services and much more, all under one umbrella. ERG umbrella services does not charge the contractors any kind of setup or exiting fees, manages their accounts via their web based portal, has features like personal accident insurance that leave the contractors with a satisfaction and peace of mind that the umbrella company is concerned.

Aside of these services there are four other health insurance plans that the companies or even individuals under the ERG Umbrella can buy, they all have their own distinct features at very good prices, they

- The slick plan.
- The everyday plan- provides 21 health benefits.
- The surgical cash.
- Life Cover.

ERG Umbrella services try their level best to make sure that they secure the contractors in every way possible.

About ERG Umbrella
We at ERG Umbrella services are a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals who leave no stone unturned in providing unmatchable and unbeatable umbrella services to contractors of all kinds. Weather they have hundreds of temporary employees or none, ERG Umbrella services are capable of offering guidance and assistance that pin points the finest detail and takes care of everything for them. The amount of time and effort that they invest in each of the contractors, combined with all the services, makes ERG is one of the best umbrella companies.

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