Taking Virtual Concierge Service to the Next Level - the Hospital Virtual Concierge


Jupiter, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- If you’ve never heard of a virtual concierge, either you’re missing out or not in the right line of business. Virtual concierge services are popping up everywhere. They’re created to in an effort to connect great concierge services with businesses who want them but don’t know how to find them, or people who didn’t know they needed a concierge. Hospitals are places that need concierge services that don’t often have them, but in an environment where technology improves on what was always done with human hands in the past, hiring human concierge help in hospital rooms hasn’t been a possibility- until now.

So, what is a concierge? Concierges are typically professional people who offer luxury services to people who are able to pay for them. Concierges exist as a service to make things a little easier and more comfortable for others, in a very basic sense. In the past, concierges typically existed only in hospitality places of business where luxury items are a necessity. Places like hotels, resorts, high-end apartment buildings, and similar establishments typically employ concierges on a regular basis. Personal concierges exist for people who can afford them and who don’t have the time to take care of mundane everyday tasks on their own, such as their dry cleaning and grocery store shopping. But today, more business owners who operate in the hospitality industry have realized and are working on employing concierge services whenever possible, as an added perk to help make their clients more comfortable. In hospitals, this type of service is a necessity- not because it’s a luxury, but because any effort to return normalcy to the healing and sick, even the dying, is a step towards offering dignity and a heightened sense of being to those who need it most.

Our hospital virtual concierge services employ the use of electronic virtual concierge technology. We use standalone kiosks that act as real concierges, where patients confined to hospital rooms can order things that make life in a hospital room a little more bearable. Meals, books, movies, entertainment, whatever the patient needs can be offered using this virtual concierge service technology.

For people who are having to endure long term care in a hospital setting, having a way to quickly and easily access the little extras in life is essential. Many people who are dependent on others for everything find it difficult to bother busy nursing staff for things like a movie to watch, or a book to read, or a snack. With a virtual concierge, a patient can feel better about ordering something to eat or do whenever they need it, without feeling guilty. They’re not asking someone to bring something for them, but simply placing an order that can easily be fulfilled. Confusion on what a patient wants is also eliminated, since choices are all clear to see and understand.

A hospital virtual concierge service is a necessity. It offers some amount of independence to the people who are the most dependent but require heightened dignity. It also lessens work on staff, by giving an electronic outlet for patients to request what they want without taking time out of a busy work schedule. Check out some of our solutions today.

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