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Talented, French, Refreshing, Writer, Actress...All Are Powerful Words on Their Own but Together They Can Only Describe France's Very Own Cooky Castali.


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- Cooky Castali has arrived! Cooky tells us..."To write in English is a new mechanic and a new energy for me, and you know what? I love it!” She continues to tell us with "Woman in Crisis!" all women will say "Oh! but ...that is me!” and all men will say "Oh! but ...that is my wife!” It seems these characters are very re-lateable to the French and American audiences!

The film industry desperately needs more women who write, direct and produce strong characters for women. Unfortunately women are grossly under represented in Hollywood. Unless you are a "Hollywood" big name a woman can expect to be cast as maids, hookers, or drug addicts. In addition, only 28% of roles for women are speaking roles. With a large feminine public it is time for writers like Cooky Castali to bring strong female characters to the silver screen.

In the paths of Nora Ephron, Callie Khouri and Diablo Cody ...Cooky Castali will bring us taboo topics infused with humor, paradoxes and simplicity.

About Cooky Castali
"Femme en Crise !"or "Woman in Crisis" is a 90 minutes story focused on women's struggles... but in a humorous way. Cooky Castali's fresh perspective on this topic leaves the audience longing for more. Directed by Francis Perrin and produced by Georges Lautner, two well known and respected names in France. Along with the witty writing of Cooky "Femme en Crise" was a big success in Paris and at the Avignon Festival. Plans for The re-adaptation of "Femme en Crise !" for the American audience is now underway.

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