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Talented Hispanic Actress Gaining Momentum and More Roles in Hollywood


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Marilyn Cortez, a new Latin bombshell on the scene, makes an appearance as Marina, a nanny, in the new HBO series “Clear History”, alongside Larry David and John Hamm.

Marilyn recently commented on her role, saying, “I have been watching Seinfeld for many years. Meeting and working with Larry David was very exciting.”

The audition process for the role of Marina was highly competitive and attracted many seasoned actors. Initially, the casting agents were looking for a nanny who was Asian or African American. But Marilyn's auditions impressed the producers and even Larry David himself.

"The whole process was a fantastic experience,” says Marilyn. The producer and the casting director were equally amazed. One member of the casting team loved her comedic timing and said that she possessed a sexy Spanish accent.

Marilyn Cortez auditioned for the role of Marina in 2012. It was not until the fourth audition that she entered the room to find herself auditioning next to the legend of comedy himself, Larry David. “It was all improvisation, and towards the end of the audition, my boobs became the center of attention because of their size. Mr. David was respectful of course, and I joked at how big they can look sometimes, basically I reacted to what he said to me.”

Hair and make-up went through numerous variations before a final decision was made on Marina's look. In the end, Larry David had the final say. “My hair was pulled and twisted in many different ways to get the final product,” Marilyn commented.

At first Marilyn suspected that she hadn't gotten the part. "After a few days of not hearing anything from the call backs, I thought that they had already cast the part and I forgot all about it. It took me by surprise when I got the call a few months later telling me that I got the part."

As a Latina Actress, Marilyn says that in all of her auditions her accent has been an asset and only two times has a director asked her to make her accent slightly heavier. Marilyn has ventured into producing films as well, saying about her experience, “producing a film is a lot of work, but I love the process.” She has also appeared in several films as a stunt women, including as R.I.P.D., Underdog and other films. She says, “I love doing stunts, it gives me a great excuse to be in shape.”

Marilyn recently graduated from Rhode Island College with a Bachelors in Marketing, and is currently learning Chinese. She practices martial arts, yoga, salsa dancing and globetrotting.

“I love salsa and reggae, I love dancing in general. I love the people I meet in my travels, I love learning about their culture and history. Thankfully I not only have read about these places in my history books and school, but I have been blessed to visit those countries as well,” says Marilyn Cortez

“I just auditioned for a role in Law & Order SVU, for the part of a young Hispanic wife. The character had a first name and last name, which is a step up for an actress. I usually get called to audition for part's like the nanny, nurse, young wife, sexy Latin maid, etc. But now I am called in more frequently for auditions and the roles I am being called in for have gotten a lot bigger, which is great!”

For more information about Marilyn visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1984317/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

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