Talimar Systems, Inc.

Talimar Systems, Inc. Announces Free Design and Planning for Cubicle Layouts

Company offers broad selection of new, used, and better-than-new refurbished systems


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Talimar Systems, Inc., a provider of refurbished cubicle systems, announced the availability of no-cost planning and design services to those interested in its products. Founded in 1986, the company offers cubicles of all sorts, including "better than new" refurbished ones, to businesses in the Los Angeles area, with delivery and installation available, as well. Its free space-planning and office-design services can help businesses make the most of their available floor space on even limited budgets and can be arranged for through a simple phone call.

"Since we opened for business nearly thirty years ago," company representative Mike Lee stated, "we've outfitted over 10 million square feet of office space in the Los Angeles area. Our unmatched experience and expertise ensure that those who take advantage of our free design services will be thrilled that they did so." Talimar Systems specializes in refurbishing cubicle systems which have been previously taken out of service. In every case, it strips these systems down to their frames, scrutinizing and reconditioning every aspect of their construction until they exceed factory specifications. These "better than new" refurbished cubicles are equipped with top-quality panels from Herman Miller, a leading manufacturer of office furniture and the originator of cubicle-style office systems. The finished products carry lifetime warranties which easily better the 10- to 12-year warranties that are typical of brand-new cubicles.

"Our refurbished cubicles are not only of the highest quality available, they are also incredibly economical," Lee continued, "Many of our customers save 50% or more compared to buying new, and that's before our free design and planning services are factored in." In addition to the considerable savings that buying refurbished cubicles can entail, this option is also particularly environmentally friendly, since many of the cubicles that Talimar Systems refurbishes would otherwise have ended up being taken out of circulation entirely. In the process of reconditioning its cubicles, the company makes use of recycled materials like Terratex fabric, a durable, top-quality covering which is comprised largely of recovered plastic bottles. In line with its commitment to sustainable business practices, the company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, a non-profit organization which promotes environmentally responsible construction and design.

The company's refurbished cubicles in Los Angeles can be customized to suit virtually any floor plan and existing interior design. Customers can select from among a wide variety of fabrics and finishes for the refurbished cubicles they order, with all of these being of the highest possible quality. For those customers for whom refurbished cubicles are not the ideal solution, the company also offers broad selections of new and used cubicles in Orange County. Those who make use of the company's free planning and design services will be informed as to the suitability and advantages of each of these options for their particular situations.

About Talimar Systems, Inc.
For more than a quarter of a century, Talimar Systems, Inc. has provided top-quality refurbished cubicles in the Los Angeles area. The company's exacting reconditioning process produces cubicles whose performance and appearance exceed those of brand-new units, and it also offers free design services and deep selections of new and used cubicles.