Talk Radio Host Frankie Russo Celebrates His 100th Broadcast on New York City's WABC 770 AM

With a snowstorm barreling towards the New York metropolitan area, everyone should be tuning in to WABC to catch weather updates and radio host Frankie Russo as he celebrates this milestone.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2016 -- Two years ago, when Frankie Russo took to the airwaves across the greater New York City metropolitan area for the first time, he had no way of knowing what kind of a firestorm he'd be starting. Thanks to legendary 770 WABC AM's 50,000 watts of reach across the northeast straight through to parts of the midwest and even the south, listeners in over a dozen states tune in.

Nobody misses out; listeners out of range stream the Frankie Show over the Internet in any of a dozen different ways and can subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch Frankie broadcast each and every show straight from broadcast #1 to present day.

And this Saturday his listeners are in for a special show as Frankie delivers his 100th broadcast.

Callers can wait on hold for as long as 15 minutes to get through to Frankie and get on the air with him to talk about the hottest political and social trends. And nobody minds waiting one little bit.

So what fills up a radio station's phone lines with listeners clamoring to get on a radio talk show on a Friday night at one o'clock in the morning?

Frankie Russo.

About Frankie Russo
Frankie Russo is the "Love Me or Hate Me" kid from Brooklyn and what you hear on the air is what you hear when you meet him in person or talk to him on the phone; a guy whose every word is from the heart delivered with a heavy Brooklyn accent that belies his intellect and analytical faculties.

Catch his pre-show on YouTube and prepare to be amazed by his acute understanding of politics and a prowess for pouncing on pressing issues on every American's mind then dissecting them with skill and precision. Just one viewing will redefine your understanding of the term "show prep".

Frankie Russo isn't limited to politics. He is well known in NYC entertainment and sporting circles. He interviews a wide array of personalities – from Washington insiders to the latest reality television stars. This informative, entertaining late night talk show has something for everybody.

New listeners are picking the perfect time to tune-in; with WABC's legendary round-the-clock coverage of weather impacting listeners in the tri-state area, there's no better time to catch all the latest on the first blizzard of 2016 and Frankie Russo's historic 100th show.

The Frankie Russo Show broadcasts every Saturday from 1:00am-2:00am.

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