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Talking Bathroom Scales Site Reviews the Best Talking Scales for the Blind or Anyone

A new Talking Bathroom Scales Reviews site is now live at Readers can find the best talking bath scales for the blind or anyone.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2013 -- A site specializing in talking bathroom scales is now live at Talking bathroom scales are digital scales that will announce the user's body weight reading in a pleasant voice. They are very helpful for the blind, people with limited vision, or people who experience difficulties reading the scale weight display while standing up. In addition, they are also very popular with the regular bathroom scale user who likes to take their weighing experience up a notch. On this newly launched site, readers can check out the top models of talking bathroom scales and learn the 3 most important factors to consider when shopping for these scales.

Talking scales are just like any other weighing scale, but with an added feature that makes them extraordinary. These scales have the ability to announce the user’s weight in a perfectly pleasing voice. While there are site and online destinations reporting on home accessories and bathroom scales in general, there has been little media coverage related to talking bathroom scales.

According to a statement by the site publisher, their goal is to provide an ultimate destination site for readers interested in these talking scales. By offering reviews, tips and guidance, so that readers can easily pick the right scale for their needs. That way, readers do not have to be stuck with any unwelcome surprises buying by the wrong brands or models.

Some of the top rated talking scales on the site include the MyWeigh Phoenix Talking Scale, the BalanceFrom High Accuracy Talking Digital Bathroom Scale and the Newline Talking Bathroom Scale. More information can be found at

Talking bathroom scales are used just like the ordinary digital weighing scales. They usually come with a digital LED or LCD display that will also show the user’s weight. Most of the available talking bathroom scales in the market have buttons that give the users the option to turn off the voice that announces the weight in an instance when the user doesn’t feel like hearing what his or her weight is.

Generally, anyone and everyone can use it. In particular, it is most helpful for the blind or visually impaired, those who do not like to strain their eyes when reading the weight display, or those who find it difficult to bend to see their weight on the display. All these people need a talking bathroom scale for practical reasons.

Other than being practical, users who are trying to gain, lose or maintain weight may find talking bathroom scales helpful too. Having an accurate and easy way to know what one's weight is provides significant motivation to gain, lose or maintain one's weight. With these advantages, it is clear that talking bathroom scales are not in the market for the practical reasons only. They are available in the market for users who want to listen and have fun while trying to know how much they weigh. Interested parties can learn more at

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