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Tallega Software Company Provides New Document Management Software

Tallega Software offers Perceptive and ImageNow for document management software.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2012 -- It can be difficult to organize and collaborate with your co-workers across multiple departments. When running a department, managers and employees deal with different people, work processes, documents and other unstructured content on a daily basis. Sorting and managing these files and documents can take a lot of time. In this fast paced world, time is crucial and work and transactions need to be done faster. Tallega Software realizes this need to make work applications and processes more efficient and can do that by offering Perceptive Software’s ImageNow, an enterprise content management (ECM) software.

ImageNow is a document management, document imaging and workflow program that helps make work processes more efficient. By utilizing Perceptive Software’s ImageNow, Tallega has been able to synchronize companies and their departments all across the globe.. This ECM allows users to use, process and collaborate documents and content, and access their documents with advanced workflow and document retrieval features. . Document automation and workflow provided from Tallega helps customers speed up their manual paper processes for Accounting Firms, HealthCare Providers, Legal Firms and much more.

When documents are in manual files, the work processes take much longer compared to when they are in electronic form. Electronic document management software makes things a lot easier and more efficient for transactions and processing data. Instead of manually filing the documents and files, they can all be easily accessed and sent to other workers concerned in the workplace by just a click of the mouse. Other ECMs are just electronic filing cabinets and storage areas for files and documents. The documents are digitized, but that’s all. ImageNow takes these digitized documents and content and puts them in a document workflow that is customized to whatever department or work process they apply to. Since no two business processes are exactly alike, ImageNow also adapts to the user, so he/she can access and process the content based on the assigned tasks he/she has in the workplace. The user has direct access to the particular information that he/she needs at the particular time needed based exactly on his/her job. Document management systems from Tallega Software simply make managing your information faster, easier and more reliable.

About Tallega Software
Tallega Software specializes in assisting companies and businesses automate and computerize their business processes using the right document scanning, management and workflow solutions. For more information, contact Derek Gerber at or telephone number: 949.367.9860.