Tally Koren's 'Free Will – Latin Version' Debuts as Second Single off Latest EP


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2015 -- Side B of the EP "Free Will" has been selected as the second single from award-winning singer-songwriter Tally Koren, which will be launched on the 4th of May. Available also in Spanish – Tengo Libertad.

Since its initial release, 'Free Will – Latin Version' has been the version of choice of Tally's fans and the BBC radio presenters around the country. The mood of the music and the emotion of the lyrics inspire their optimism alongside her distinctive, unique voice. The song was produced and recorded with the intention of touching a wide variety of listeners in a multitude of ways.

The international guitarist Eric Fernandez is featured in the single. Most known for his collaboration with the Gypsy Kings, it's his contribution that helps creating an uplifting track with a vivid summery vibe.

Tally has enjoyed positive feedback from critics and fans alike, all of whom credit the artists' stage presence as a contributing factor to her success. Her recent performances include singing 'Free Will' at the Houses of Parliament, Belgrade Theatre in Coventry for World War 1 event, London College of Contemporary Arts, The Tate Britain, Hidden Rooms Cambridge, and many more.

'Free Will' was composed and written by Koren in one take on Christmas Eve. She is using the title of the song to help spreading a positive message on social media platforms, encouraging people to take advantage of their free will and choice for a better life for the community and the world by sharing their stories to inspire others to make change.

One fan, Quince Garcia, even shared with Tally Koren how he transformed his life of crime to success.

"I sang 'Free Will' at the House of Lords at the UPF Youth Award and was amazed by what he (Garcia) has done with his life," states Tally in her YouTube description. "With a challenging past, with drugs, guns and gangs he transformed it to become the real example to inspire millions of young guys that are living a life of violence as they don't see any other option."

This ability to influence fans from around that world is what has given her a mature uniqueness in her music – she unites individuals around the world with a recipe of rhythms, narratives and cultural understanding that allows people of all ages and backgrounds to find a common ground and understanding of the power of free will.

About Tally Koren
Tally is an Israeli-born singer-songwriter and producer. In 2011, she received the 'Best Singer/Songwriter' award at the London Fringe Awards. Koren has recorded vocals for songs over a range of genres and is mostly influenced by Middle Eastern music, Western electronic and Classical music.

Koren grew up in United States and Mexico and has met thousands of people with whom she credits as inspiration. She earned a degree in Jewish Studies and Theology; writing for several different publications due to her education. She is fluent in English, Hebrew and Spanish.

In addition to creating music, Tally has also organized a concert – "Music for peace in the Middle East", where Palestinians and Israelis performed on one stage and has recently received a prestigious "Ambassador for Peace" award at the House of Commons.

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