Tamas Somlyo and Adam Lanyi Looks to Raise $25,000 via Indiegogo to Introduce FEEL FLUX, The Physics Based Toy, After Their Debut at TEDx


Budapest, Hungary -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- FEEL FLUX is a brand new physicsbased toy that amazes and amuses people with its jawdropping antigravity effect. Whether one is a science enthusiast, a juggler, or a design fanatic, he/she will find endless fun in playing with FLUX.

Each FLUX product comprises of a set of two components made of the most exquisite metals on Earth, natural materials, which behave very surprisingly while interacting with each other. One of the components is a metal tube made of aluminum, copper, or even pure silver. The other one is a small, shiny ball, made of neodymium, the strongest kind of permanent magnets available on the planet. To get started, just drop the ball through the tube, but be prepared for something absolutely unexpected.

The ball falling through the tube slows down seemingly defying gravity, and does it without any former sign of unusual behavior. There is no attraction or repulsion between the parts prior to the drop, one doesn’t see the effect coming and most probably cannot explain it.

FLUX is based on a complex, thus rarely known law of physics, a phenomenon called Lenz’s law, which can defy the most commonly experienced physical law, gravity itself. Even though the strong magnet does not react with the copper, their relative movement generates currents within the tube which are responsible for the force that slows down the magnet.

Tamás Somlyó and his team have built up a supply chain for the metal tubes and the magnets. They also have partners who are ready to do the CNC lathing and the leatherwork.

All they need now is funding support to bring their well planned process to life and deliver this extraordinary product to the world. A product, which is not just a demonstrative tool of science, can be the future of object manipulation and juggling toys alike, while for many it will be the ultimate device for relaxítion after a busy day. The funding budget for this project is $25,000, which is soon to be reached.

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