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Taming a Shark: Life-Changing New Book Provides Real-World Tools to Identify Dreams & Overcome Fear to Build "Bold and Daring Reality"

Inspired by the life and experiences of author Benjamin A. Portnoy, 'Taming A Shark: How to Build the Confidence and Self Esteem to Do The Things That Scare You The Most' will help anyone overcome the fear that is holding them back from living fully and loving openly. From uncovering three types of motivation to fully understanding the path fear takes in the brain, every reader now has an anti-anxiety toolbox at their fingertips.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- In his new book, Benjamin Portnoy picks through the enigmatic human psyche to expose a proven formula for destroying fear at the source and attaining any goal with gusto.

'Taming A Shark: How to Build the Confidence and Self Esteem to Do The Things That Scare You The Most' provides practical action steps and, interspersed with experiences from Portnoy’s own tumultuous life, the book applies to those who are ready to move toward a happier, more fulfilled existence.

“I’ve been there; I’ve overcome paralyzing panic attacks, changed my ‘scarcity’ mindset to rapidly clear $30K of debt, and even faced the terror-inducing experience of getting stranded on a pitch-black country road with no one and nothing to rely but my own wits,” explains Portnoy. Those experiences changed me. With each one, I knew there was wisdom hidden there that could shake up people’s worlds and help them understand that they are in control of their lives.”

He added, “We’re all missing out on hugely-fulfilling opportunities and relationships because we’re disconnected from ourselves and those around us. We fill our heads with excuses as to why we shouldn’t or can’t do something. Global happiness levels are at all-time lows, yet we have more powerful tools than over to overcome these demons and find true joy and purpose.”

Portnoy continued, “I designed Taming A Shark to give readers multiple ‘roads’ to taking that action, by understanding how to process failure, overcome a soul-destroying victim mentality, recognize our vulnerability to addiction and, most importantly, how to make rational decisions rather than allowing our emotions, laziness, and inertia to always lead us down the road of ‘what’s most comfortable’.”

Taming A Shark has already received an outpouring of support and positive feedback. From a preliminary review on Amazon, one commenter said, “This is a very powerful and empowering guide to building up your confidence. I love the challenges and the steps are easy to follow. If you want, you can change your life in just a few days.”

'Taming A Shark: How to Build the Confidence and Self Esteem to Do The Things That Scare You The Most' is available now: http://amzn.to/1DRiWEW

From the Back Cover:

You have the power to do anything. To build a prosperous business. To attract the mate of your dreams. To climb a mountain. To tame a shark. But until now, something has held you back.

Paralyzed by “what could go wrong,” so many of us never pursue our biggest hopes and dreams. Whether we admit it or not, most of us are afraid of taking action.

But what would happen if you could control that fear? What if, no matter how much anxiety you feel at any moment, you stopped wasting time and took that step forward towards anything you’ve ever wanted?

You have that power. And it’s not nearly as tough as you think.

In Taming a Shark, discover where your fears came from, why you feel them, and several powerful ways to take action so that even the most terror-filled endeavor becomes easy.

Filled with action steps and “Mini Missions,” Taming A Shark is your ultimate guidebook to identify your biggest goals and dreams, uncover your emotional roadblocks, and take giant steps towards turning those scattered hopes into a bold and daring reality.

About Benjamin Portnoy
Benjamin Portnoy is a speaker, coach, and seminar leader who focuses on helping people fight fear and pursue true meaning and purpose. His company, Courage, Inc., provides a solid platform and process to identifying the blocks standing in the way of success, and identifies what steps are necessary to get there as quickly as possible.

Portnoy is also an actively-gigging musician, having performed in front of tens of thousands of fans across the country. He and his wife live and play in Austin, Texas, where they spend much of their time exploring modern vegetarian cooking and entertaining their two high-octane cats.