Tampa Bay Photographer Noe Lozano Details His Account with His Recent Photography Work and His Unhappiness with It


Tampa Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- A few weeks back Tampa Bay Photographer Noe Lozano was published in Blur Magazine's 30th issue He was ecstatic about it, it was his first magazine publication (albeit an online magazine) and it came as a surprise to him.

Well Noe Lozano caught the bug… he wanted more publications under his belt. The feeling he received after finding out he was being seen by people outside of his usual circle (Facebook) was amazing. It provided him with a sense of recognition; it let him know he was on the right track. Noe decided he wanted more, a few days later he set up a shoot with a local Tampa Bay model in hopes to get into another magazine or online publication. The shoot went well and he got some great photographs.

However something felt off, Noe wasn’t happy with his work. It wasn’t that the photos he shot with the model were not up to par. It was that Noe Lozano shot those photographs for the wrong reason. He shot those photos hoping to get into a potential magazine and he realized that he didn’t put any heart behind them, the end result was vapid.

Noe Lozano looked back at the photograph that was published in Blur Magazine. “Rose Garden” the photograph that was chosen for the magazine is definitely one of his favorite photographs. Noe put a lot of work into that image to make it what it is; he put his being into it. He shot that photograph for himself; the fact that it got into a magazine didn’t make him like it any more or any less than when he completed the image.

Noe took a look at his recent work and noticed it didn’t quite match the work he started with. It lacked soul, it lacked the connection that he builds with his subjects, and it lacked everything Noe prides his work on. The problem lied in the fact that he was shooting for the wrong reasons. Noe Lozano was shooting to please other people and what he believed they liked. When he looked back at his previous photographs Noe was shooting for personal work. He was creating photographs that made him happy and if anyone else liked them, that was an added bonus.

Now of course Noe Lozano believes that if you are shooting for a client your goal is to please them. However please keep in mind that the client has chosen to work with you based on your work and your vision (at least one would hope so.) If you, yourself are not happy with your own work then why would your client be happy with the work you put out?

Noe came to the realization that he needed to take a step back and assess the direction he was headed. He needed to go back to what he knows best. Noe Lozano knows people… He knows how to read people and bridge the gap between the camera and the subject. He loves his portrait work, there is something to be said when you can look at a photograph and you can feel the emotion hidden in the photograph.

So at the end of the day, whom do you shoot for? Do you shoot to please yourself or others? Noe admits he slipped up and was caught up shooting for the wrong reasons. Learn from his mistake and before you do any personal work, take a step back and really think to yourself…

“Who am I doing this for?”

About Noe Lozano
Noe Lozano reads people and tells their story to the world. Noe’s goal is to identify the subtleties that make each person unique, capture what lies beyond their visual appearance, and produce portraits that show the true essence of that character. Noe’s love of photography,people, and their stories allows him to interact with any class of people and to get nervous subjects to reveal their true self. This allows him to not only photograph the shell but also the soul.

Self taught photographer, Noe brings an artistic eye for detail and the ability to solve any problem on the fly. His creative and contrasting perspective offers an array of possibilities, which allows Noe Lozano to compose imagery into a body of work that is both rich and everlasting. A family man to the core, when his not behind the lens or a computer Noe spend as much time as possible with his wonderful wife Giovanna, boring her with his many ramblings and theories on photography.

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