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Tampa Bay Plastic Surgeon Brings Back Knowledge of "Hot Topics" from 88th Annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting

Dr. David Halpern, voted Tampa’s #1 plastic surgeon by South Tampa News, attended the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 88th annual meeting in Chicago from October 9-13. Continuing education is part of what separates run-of-the-mill cosmetic practitioners from true professionals.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- The plastic surgery field is ever-changing, with new technology, procedures, and techniques driving industry growth each year. This past weekend, October 9-13th, more than 2,300 industry professionals attended the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 88th annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

Among these professionals was Tampa Bay’s Dr. David Halpern, a triple-board certified plastic surgeon specializing in LiLa Strawberry Laser, breast augmentation, facelift surgery, hand surgery, among other cosmetic procedures. He particularly enjoyed the “Hot Topics” meeting, which covered the latest advances the science of cosmetic surgery has to offer.

Dr. David Halpern shares his notes on a few of the breakthroughs presented:

- Facelift Techniques: “I’ve been using ‘newer’ techniques like micro-graft harvest, micro-cannula delivery, and washing for superior graft take with facelifts for 15 years. It’s a nice affirmation to hear these methods presented as hot topics.”

- Indocyanine Green fluorescent imaging: “I hope to bring SPY imaging to Tampa General Hospital to assist with intraoperative assessment of flap blood supply in the near future. I’ve already coordinated letters to the TGH administration to request the acquisition of the new system.”

- Exparel local anesthetic as a way to relieve post-operative pain: “There are fewer symptoms of nausea, vomiting, constipation, or addiction. We’ve seen great results in reducing postoperative pain with Exparel in my practice and at Tampa General Hospital for a while now.”

- Xiaflex to break up contracture bands on hands of Dupuytrens patients: “I have been working with this injectable for three years, and I have had 100% success for improvement of motion without surgery in my Dupuytrens patients. It was nice to see these findings corroborated at the Meeting.”

- Hybrid fractional, fractional RF, and non-invasive skin tightening lasers: “In my opinion, this is very expensive machinery for something that becomes outdated in two years. It’s sort of like trying to keep up with the latest smartphone.”

- Neograft and Artas hair restoration robots: “This is a HUGE advance in care with amazing results. Not only is it a much quicker procedure, but there is no worry about scars from the harvest of grafts.”

- CoolSculpt, Zeltiq, Vanquish & Strawberry Laser non-invasive body sculpting: “I still like the simplicity and cost advantages of Strawberry Laser, which I use extensively in my practice.”

- Microneedling to improve the appearance of skin wrinkles and acne scars: “Many devices were presented and there is still much to learn. We’re starting to see some good research into the size of needle, and the depth of punctures needed. Although the ‘Vampire Facelift’ looks promising, we still needs better science before its widespread use, in my opinion.”

- Cell therapy for perioral aging: “This can be a tough area to treat, so any new advances are generally welcomed by plastic surgeons.”

- Shuttle needle suture technique: “The use of shuttle needles is a vast improvement over barbed suture and HA strand methods. This old concept has been revisited with a new needle. Basically, this needle can thread modern sutures through tunnels, instead of costly anchoring devices. Shuttle needles aid cosmetic surgeons in facelifts, minimally invasive facial surgery, and brow lifts, to name a few procedures.”

All in all, Dr. David Halpern says he “really enjoyed this year’s meeting in the Windy City,” says Dr. David Halpern. He adds, “It’s easy to fall into a comfortable pattern of procedures and patient types when you’re at it for so many years. I truly enjoy these annual ASPS meetings and the chance to learn new technologies and procedures that could benefit my patients.”

Regularly attending industry meetings is one of the things that separates the true professionals from the crowd. “Cosmetic surgery is a competitive field and it can be difficult for patients to choose who they want to do their procedures. Naturally, they want someone with the most current knowledge on wound healing, scar prevention, risk minimization, and all the latest techniques to provide the most satisfying outcomes. That’s exactly what we pick up from these annual events.”

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About Dr. David Halpern
Dr. David Halpern been in private practice at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc. since 1999 and currently serves as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Tampa General Hospital. He is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of South Florida. His most notable work appears in peer-reviewed medical journals nationwide.

He is triple-board-certified: in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons; in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery; and in micro-hand-surgery by the American Board of Surgery. Dr. David Halpern has been voted “Tampa’s #1 plastic surgeon” by South Tampa News and is the only practitioner of the Strawberry Laser in the Tampa Bay area.

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