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Tampa DUI Lawyer Website Launched to Educate Those Charged with DUI with Penalties

Best-Tampa-DUI-Lawyer.com offers solid advice for those accused of DUI and stresses the need to 'lawyer up' immediately


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Statistics show DUI cases represent the single largest sector of criminal infractions of all forms of reported cases, with about 200,000 more cases processed each year than all theft and larceny offenses put together. In fact, almost two million drunk driving cases are filed by police officers around the country annually, taking up a giant chunk of the criminal docket in a number of court systems. Because the penalties for drunk driving have grown stricter, often those charged with DUI must seriously consider alternatives to pleading guilty or nolo contendere. To help them, they also seriously need an attorney on their side.

With this in mind, a new website (http://best-tampa-dui-lawyer.com/) has been launched to help those looking for a DUI lawyer and those who want to do more research about the possibility of defense without a lawyer. Says James Lawson, spokesperson for the site, "There are a number of myths about the ease of defending yourself and wisdom of defending yourself or simply pleading guilty if your blood count is over a certain level. We set up this website (http://best-tampa-dui-lawyer.com/tampa-dui-attorney-defense/) to offer solid information to those considering a defense on their own. We wanted them to know the penalties they could face without hiring solid representation."

Lawson goes on to say, "When you get pulled over and arrested because you were intoxicated, it's imperative you hire an attorney right away. This is because hiring a DUI legal expert is the only way to get the help you need to have some control over how harsh the ramifications are for your actions. Once you get arrested for driving while intoxicated you run the risk of thousands of dollars in fines, hours of community service, and possible jail time."

The best defense, says Lawson is fast, expert representation. "Those facing DUI charges will benefit by being represented by a lawyer who has successfully handled many tough DUI cases in the Tampa and Hillsborough County area."

The website (http://best-tampa-dui-lawyer.com/dui-lawyers-tampa/) recently set up allows individuals to enter information for a free case evaluation. Lawson explains, saying, "It's important to find out as soon as possible how you can stay out of jail, reduce cost and penalties. We provide a phone number you can call or we can get in touch with you. But the most important part is to get all of your questions answered as soon as possible."

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Tampa DUI Lawyer is an online resource offering solid research and advice for the individual doing their homework about DUI defense attorneys and the penalties one might face without hiring an attorney in a DUI case.