Tampa Movers - Bernard Movers LLC Launches Website with New Shipping Services to Cuba


Palm Harbor, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Bernard Movers LLC, a professional moving company serving the Tampa, Florida area for over 41 years, has today announced the official launch of its new website featuring such news services as shipping to Cuba and one bedroom specials.

The new website targets primarily people who are looking for assistance moving their residential homes, commercial businesses or simply seeking out services of a reliable and dependable international shipper. We specialize in short notice moves, so those who need to move quick, fast and in hurry would be ideal candidates for our service.

As Tampa movers, Bernard Movers LLC pays particular attention to those that need to move quick, fast and in hurry.

Proud of the fact that it is opening its doors to the whole Latin-American community with the provision of its shipment services, whilst also offering the Cuban community the opportunity to make shipments directly to any part of the island with home delivery and guaranteed low prices, Bernard Movers LLC believes people love to have their belongings packaged and delivered with care.

“Besides not having to worry about renting and driving a massive moving truck, they will have much less stress since they won’t need to coordinate the massive moving effort,” says owner Litsa Kouklakis.

“Additionally, you won’t risk an injury while trying to move large items on your own,” adds Litsa, who maintains insurance coverages to facilitate a greater peace of mind by not have to worry about having to pay for a friend’s injury.

As Tampa movers, Litsa believes moving should be a fast, efficient and easy experience for the homeowner. “Moving to a new home is filled with a wide range of worries — completing the home sale or getting the rental contract ironed out, packing up your belongings, arranging for the shut-off and turn-on of various utilities, there’s that job transfer and much more,” she notes.

Rationalizing that people do have a lot on their plate when they are moving to a new home, Litsa notes one shouldn’t have to worry about the actual moving process. “Being in business for over 41 years as family owned and operated Tampa movers, we promise that you won’t be surprised with any hidden charges? You get what we quote you from the start,” says owner Litsa, who leads an expert team of professional movers who are ready, willing and able to provide courteous, trustworthy service for both residential and commercial relocation.

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About Bernard Movers LLC
Bernard Movers LLC is a professional moving company serving the Tampa, Florida area with over 41 years of experience. We believe moving should be a fast, efficient and easy experience for the homeowner.

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