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Tamper Evident Caps Market- Child Resistant and Contamination-Free Packaging for Pharmaceutical Industry


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2019 -- What are Tamper Evident Caps? Everything You Need to Know About it

Generally, caps & closures are used to close the bottle to prevent outside contamination. Tamper evident caps are commonly used in the primary packaging of products. Tamper evident caps & closures have bands which protect bottles from opening.

Tamper evident caps confirm the originality of packaging and avoid risks of fraud packaging. The counterfeiting of products is avoided by the use of tamper-evident caps & closures. Tamper evident caps are mostly used by the pharmaceutical and food & beverages industry due to the need for protection of products.

Global Tamper Evident Caps Market: Dynamics

1. The pharmaceutical industry is expected to be the key contributor to growth of the global tamper evident caps market. Tamper evident caps are best suited for the pharmaceutical industry as they offer child resistant and contamination-free packaging.

2. Apart from the pharmaceutical industry, there are several other industries such as the food & beverages, and personal care & cosmetics industry, which are expected to generate more demand for tamper evident caps, during the forecast period.

3. The regulations are made for the packaging of drugs and food in the tamper evident packaging. According to the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration), "Tamper evident packaging is one having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred."

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Top 10 Players in Global Tamper Evident Caps Market

1. ABA Packaging Corp.
2. Ace Paper Tube Corp
3. Berlin Packaging
4. Berry Plastics Corp.
5. American Star Cork Co. Inc.
6. Airlite Plastics Corp.
7. All American Containers Inc.
8. Cincinnati Container Co.
9. Crown Packaging International Inc.
10. Cobra Plastics Inc.

Global Tamper Evident Caps Market: Segmentation

The global tamper evident caps market can be segmented on the basis of closure type, the diameter of caps, material and end-use industry:

By type:

Push On

By diameter of caps:

Up to 15 mm
15 mm – 25 mm
25 mm – 35 mm
Above 35 mm

By material used:

Polyethylene (PE)
Low Density
High Density
Polypropylene (PP)

By end-user industry:

Food & Beverages
Health Care
Personal Care & Cosmetics
Home Care
Chemical & Fertilizer
Other Industrial

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Global Tamper Evident Caps Market: Geographical Outlook

The tamper evident caps market growth analysis for the regional market depends on the conditions and production of pharmaceutical and food & beverages industry.

North America is the largest market for tamper evident caps due to high capacity production and packaging of pharmaceuticals and beverages products. The US is the hometown for innovative manufacturer and exporter of tamper evident caps.

Asia Pacific region is the second largest market for the tamper evident caps due to economic powerhouses such as China & India. Chinese tamper evident caps market is the important marketplace for key players in caps & closure industry.

Western Europe tamper evident caps market is expected to witness a rise in market share during the forecast period, due to the growth of health care and cosmetics industry.

Middle East & Africa is considered an emerging market for tamper evident caps due to overall growth in the end-user industry. Eastern Europe is projected to witness the sluggish growth during the forecast period.