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Tango Piano: Sheet Music: Arranger: Juan Maria Solare: Ricordi Munich

Tango Piano album (sheet music) of 10 famous tangos arranged for piano solo by Juan Maria Solare.


Bremen, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Tango Piano (sheet music) 10 famous tangos for piano solo arranged by Juan María Solare.

Tango must sound this way! In the first decades of the history of this music genre, some of its most beautiful and well-known pieces were created. With the arrangements of the tango pianist & composer Juan Maria Solare it is now possible (also for a performer unexperienced in tango argentino) to make it sound with absolute authenticity.

The album includes tangos by Eduardo Arolas, Carlos Gardel, Angel Greco, Vicente Greco, Ernesto Ponzio und Angel Villoldo (middle difficulty).

Publishing house Ricordi Munich, Sy. 2840. ISMN 979-0-2042-2840-9.

Price: around 15 € (depending on local tax).
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Por una cabeza (Carlos Gardel)
La viruta (Vicente Greco)
Mi Buenos Aires querido (Carlos Gardel)
Naipe marcado (Angel Greco)
El Marne (Eduardo Arolas)
Don Juan (Ernesto Ponzio)
Volver (Carlos Gardel)
El porteñito (Angel Villoldo)
La cachila (Eduardo Arolas)
El día que me quieras (Carlos Gardel)

From the Foreword:

The first decades in the development of the tango – from the 1890s to the 1930s – brought forth some of the greatest pieces ever written in this genre. They were made popular by the successful tango formations lead, among others, by Carlos Gardel, Francisco Canaro and Julio de Caro and today, they are still immortal classics of their kind. Although piano versions of the pieces were already published in those early days, anyone who ever played the music from one of those editions will have been disappointed to hear how little it sounded like tango – not that any tango musician would ever have dreamed of playing the pieces exactly as they were written down. Instead, the printed music indicates the basic framework, which consists of melodies, counterparts and harmonies from which the experienced player creates his personal version by determining the rhythm of accompaniment and melody, adding ornaments and variations, altering the repeats and reprises and even composing entire new passages.

Therefore, these versions by the tango pianist Juan María Solare, which he has played in countless concerts from Istanbul to London, represent a glance over the shoulder of a modern master. At the same time, they enable a musician who is less familiar with the quirks of this style to play these tango classics in a manner which sounds absolutely authentic.

Juan María Solare (born in 1966 in Buenos Aires) is a pianist, composer and arranger, at home in the worlds of both tango and contemporary classical music. He teaches composition and arrangement for school education at the Hochschule für Künste (University of the Arts) in Bremen (Germany) and leads the tango ensemble Orquesta No Típica at the University of Bremen . This is the fourth tango album that Solare edits for Ricordi Munich.

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