Tanktech Environmental Services

Tanktech Environmental Services Offers Expert Oil Tank

Removal and Remediation Services


Squamish, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2012 -- Tanktech Environmental Services, the premier oil tank removal and remediation specialist located in British Colombia, is now offering a variety of services geared towards the safe removal and relocation of a variety of volatile tank systems.

Tanktech provides expertise in the safe removal and abandonment of storage tanks, including oil and water recovery tanks. The company’s other services include site and soil remediation, wastewater treatment procedures, emergency spill responsiveness, demolition, miscellaneous earthwork and underground services, drainage advisement and other tank locating services in British Colombia. The company employs a number of engineering consultants and specialists, accumulating to 26 years of industry experience.

“We’ve been in the industry long enough to have earned the trust of everyone that we’ve worked with,” says Laura McEwan or Tanktech Environmental Services. “Our services span a wide range of facets and we’re always prepared to take into consideration the needs of our customers to provide them with an unparalleled solution to their situation. We really pride ourselves on being able to approach a job from just about any angle.”

With residential, commercial and industrial property customers, Tanktech services all areas of industry across a wide gamut of specialties. Current customers include high profile business owners, oil and gas companies, fire departments and municipalities in cities, districts and villages. The company also services a variety of contractors, real estate professionals and insurance companies, which have served to expand the knowledge base of the company to reach unequalled depths.

Tanktech is a certified member of the Petroleum Tank Management Association and is fully licensed and insured through Worksafe BC. Professionals within the company have been trained in WHIMIS policies and in the transportation of dangerous goods, allowing them to safely operate and perform optimally in any job situation. Tanktech is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

“We make sure that Tanktech employees are all versed in professional standards and maintain these standards to the highest level possible,” says McEwan. “Our quality standards are among the highest in the market and are what set us apart from other firms. We rely on this level of excellence to communicate our effectiveness to potential and current customers alike.”

To learn more about Tanktech, its services or more about its qualifications, please visit http://tanktech.ca or email Tanktech at tanktech@shaw.ca.