Tanzanite Rings HQ Launches Its New Website, a Comprehensive Online Resource for Tanzanite Rings and Jewelry

Tanzanite Rings HQ offers the best information online on tanzanite jewelry & options for beautiful, affordable tanzanite rings and gifts.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2016 -- A new resource is now available for anyone searching for information on tanzanite or tanzanite jewelry sellers or shops online. Tanzanite Rings HQ is excited to announce the launch of its new website, http://tanzaniteringshq.com/, which strives to provide visitors with the most comprehensive information on tanzanite and options to purchase tanzanite jewelry online.

Tanzanite is an incredibly beautiful, contemporary, and fairly new gemstone to arrive on the U.S. jewelry scene, and since its introduction into the mainstream consciousness, it has quickly grown in popularity and demand. From its humble origins as a raw gemstone found only in one small stretch of land in Tanzania, Africa, tanzanite has graced the necklines and fingers of celebrities and discerning jewelry aficionados worldwide. Tanzanite Rings HQ recognized that not much information was available online concerning this rare and stunning gemstone, and thus created Tanzanite Rings HQ to provide information and assistance to anyone looking to research or buy tanzanite rings online.

"Our mission at Tanzanite Rings HQ is simple: to provide the best advice and information we can to anyone interested in learning more about tanzanite and tanzanite jewelry," said Edward Casper of Tanzanite Rings HQ. "We know that purchasing jewelry can be a very personal decision, and we want to be there to help make the process as simple and stress-free as possible."

Tanzanite Rings HQ not only offers information on the history and significance of the gemstone tanzanite, it also provides a gallery of featured tanzanite jewelry options for all different types of occasions—including tanzanite birthstone rings, tanzanite and diamond engagement rings, tanzanite wedding rings, tanzanite pendants, and other tanzanite jewelry perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and those "just because" moments in life.

The new website also features a blog that includes up-to-date information on topics that range from weddings tips and engagement advice to news regarding responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry and the ongoing change in tanzanite standards and jeweler best practices. You can visit the blog at http://www.tanzaniteringshq.com/blog.

For more information on Tanzanite Rings HQ or to visit the new website, head to http://tanzaniteringshq.com/ or visit us on Facebook at facebook.com/tanzaniteringshq/.

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Tanzanite Rings HQ is the internet's most comprehensive resource for all things tanzanite, including information and history on the beautiful and new gemstone, to the most popular places to buy tanzanite rings online. Tanzanite Rings HQ also provides a blog with advice, tips, and the latest news on weddings, engagement ideas, tanzanite mining, and responsible jewelry sourcing and purchasing. We love tanzanite and believe that the process to purchase jewelry online should be as stress-free and simple as possible. We want to help you discover the perfect piece of tanzanite jewelry for you or your loved one. Visit us today at http://tanzaniteringshq.com/.

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