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Joshua Pellicer's Tao of Badass Review - Men Beware


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2014 -- The dream of every man is to date the hottest girl alive on planet earth but not everyone gets noticed by hot girls and even if they do, it’s the embarrassing way. To attract women, men go through sheer pain of gym and exercising and expensive haircuts and million other ways just to grab her attention but to no avail. For men like these, Joshua Pellicer developed a program, Tao Of Badass, which is a dating guide. This guide helps men who want a successful dating scene.

Tao of Badass has tips and tricks that Joshua learned from his social life when he did not know how to act when women were around. Like every other guy he wanted to be a chick magnet too but no girl talks to an average looking guy who acts weird when girls are around. It was this when Joshua started researching on attitude of girls such as their likes and dislikes, things that impress them, etc. After thoroughly going through women, he made some changes in himself based on his research and viola, it worked. He became famous among single men in no time and people started taking his help in his show on radio.

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Tao of Badass Dating blueprint tells people things that grab the attention of almost every woman. He owns a degree in psychology and his statements are considered and proven to be correct. Many men have had successful dating scenes through his guidance. The guide that he wrote deals with reality rather than vague and obvious assumptions regarding women that do not work in real life. The guide describes the best body language that should be kept in mind when approaching different kinds of girls such as hand movements, maintaining a perfect eye contact and standing, walking and sitting positions.

The book elaborates things that helps attract women such as not talking about past relationships with each other. None of them are interested in each other’s past. Keeping and maintaining perfect eye contact shows a woman that a man is actually interested to talk to her and she has all his attention. When a person devalues himself, he let others dominate him and once a woman is dominant on a man, there is no way he can impress her. To ignore a woman’s body language to grab her attention is the last thing a man should do. Over confidence sometimes lead to devastation.

There are numerous guides on the internet and unlimited number of researches that show how to get a successful date but the thing special about this program is that it covers all the topics that are necessary to become successful with girls. The best thing about this book is that it brings back the lost confidence in an average looking man. There must be something in this program that created a hype on the internet among men who did not have a successful relationship earlier.

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