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Tappy Tap - A New Game Released by App Developer Sky Little That Challenges Player's Reflexes


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- Mobile App developer Sky Little has recently launched a game within the casual free games genre titled Tappy Tap. The game Tappy Tap challenges players by testing their reflexes for time and accuracy. Good hand eye coordination is vital to succeed in a game such as the new Tappy Tap. The new game is an addition to the many other useful and entertaining apps by Sky Little. The developers are energetically developing creating mobile phone apps that add value to the lives of people; Tappy Tap is the first game developed by Sky Little and boasts a simple yet addictive game play which will provide players hours of entertainment and fun.

The game presents a grid made up of black and white tiles, players have to tap on the black tiles and watch out for white tiles. The white tiles should be avoided at all costs because hitting a white colored tile will cost a life. According to the description presented by the developers of the game there are three different types of game mode players can choose to play and each presents different challenges:

Survival mode: It begins at a slow pace but quickly starts to speed up, challenging they player’s speed and accuracy.

Time mode: Players have to tap 50 black tiles, without hitting the white tiles as quick as possible. The speed is consistent in this mode but that doesn’t make it easier.

Distance mode: In this mode players have to races against the clock and tap as many black tiles as they can before the timer runs out.

Game such as the Tappy Tap are a great way to boost visual skills and train the reflexes to react faster, recent studies show that challenge players by testing their reflexes help players develop visual skills, improve the ability of the brain to quickly process information and cultivate hand eye coordination. They easy to grasp layout and concept of the game Tappy Tap will be suitable for both adults and kids. The colorful visual appeal makes Tappy Tap a good game for girls.

The developers believe that the game offers:

Simple touch control
Stunning graphics and smooth animations;
Cute music; and
Challenging contests and gameplay for players

In today’s age of the Smartphones and tablet computers many different apps are being developed to keep users entertained and involved. Now a smartphone or tablet pc is all one needs to connect to friends, take pictures n upload them, listen to music, play games, and watch videos also work on the same device. Tappy Tap game has received over 36 five stars ratings on Google play and multiple positive reviews from players.

Joseph Paulto writes:
“Great app and game! It doesn't crash, it's fun and it is simple. You never get bored and it's perfect to play no matter where you are. I think I am getting addicted though lol.”

Waania Mirza gave Tappy Tap 5 starts and reviewed it as:

“Highly addictive I haven't stopped tapping since this app got installed on my phone. Every time I make a high score, I keep feeling the need to break it. Best game ever! Love it!”

Players can gain the best score in global ranking where they will compete for the top 3 highest score position and serious bragging rights. The app is currently available for the Android platform and can be downloaded for free from Google Play from Sky Little hopes to develop many similar addicting games and funny games in future.

About Sky Little
Sky Little is a team of avid mobile app developers, with interest to share the cutest gifts. They are currently based in Singapore.

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