Taquarius Ford Starts Non-Profit Organization


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Millionaire and Philanthropist Taquarius Ford Starts a new Non-Profit Organization which will be dedicated to helping teenagers get clean from drugs. The name of the program is - which stands for "Stop Teens From Using"

Taquarius Ford will have programs that work with teens to teach and develop necessary life skills they will need to succeed during and after high school. "We teach achievement in Life Skills through a combined practical and learning approach that focuses on music and instruments, art and culture. It is within these teachable moments that the individuality of every student is understood, coached and re-directed and/or supported."

Taquarius Ford continues to do great works in Southern California and around the globe. Taquarius Ford has always had a primary focus which is premium management music services. But now he is embarking on helping the younger generation.

About Taquarius Ford
Taquarius Ford is a American Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. Combining his financial sensibility with an eye for entertainment, Taquarius has produced feature films, written books and helped path the way for new up and coming talent. With a reputation for packaging movies and books and then getting them made, Ford’s films have been seen around the world, debuting at such festivals as Sundance, Berlin and France, with many being nominated for Independent Awards. Taquarius is partner's with many branding and distribution companies worldwide. With a degree in financing, Taquarius expertise span the globe.