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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2012 -- Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter continue to gain in popularity. Most businesses now accept that a social media presence is an important part of any marketing strategy. Social media is the third most popular online activity, and although it was initially intended as a way of sharing information and socializing, companies have been quick to leverage the power of social media to promote their products and services.

One aspect of social media that has enormous appeal, especially as the world struggles to recover from the global financial crisis, is that it is free. Anybody can set up a Twitter account or a Facebook page and advertise their business online. The only thing it costs them is time. However, once a social media account has been created, businesses need to build up a base of Facebook fans and Twitter followers if they are to get their marketing message across.

One website that can help companies do this has been receiving a lot of attention recently. helps online businesses increase their social media presence by targeting the right audience. Following a simple 5-second registration process, the website lets users add up to 5 interests to their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts and then produces a list of people with like minded interests. By following people from this targeted list, companies have a much greater chance of getting reciprocal followers. As most savvy social media strategists know followers have a huge commercial benefit, allows businesses to gain access to this commercial potential with the minimum of fuss. focuses “on introducing users to potential followers as well as people they might be interested in following themself.” The site does not offer a “get followers fast” type of service and it stresses “Users are in full control of who they friend.” This approach ensures that Twitter followers and fans of Facebook like pages only get access to information they want to read.

The website will soon be running a contest for registered users, with cash prizes ranging from $50 to $500.

Visitors to the website can read the latest news from the Socials Cube community as well as useful articles about Twitter and YouTube.

About was set up to help online businesses increase their social media presence by targeting specific groups of followers. The system allows users to find Twitter, Facebook, YouTube accounts and websites owned by people with similar interests.

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