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Tarzan Tree Services Advises on Spring Maintenance for Trees


Hampton Roads, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2020 -- Tarzan Tree Service, one of the leading tree maintenance companies in the Virginia Beach area, knows the importance of spring tree maintenance in making sure trees can grow strong and healthy. That's why they are currently available to schedule tree maintenance appointments and advise on the best way to prepare trees for the season.

Winter weather can leave even the best-tended trees frostbitten, damaged, or subject to fungus growth and disease. The first step for any good spring maintenance routine should be to check the health of the trees and identify where damage or disease has occurred.

Once winter damage has been found on a tree, there are several ways to heal it. Two of the most common methods of doing this is to trim and prune the tree to make sure that nutrients aren't being diverted away from the parts of the tree that most need them to grow.

In addition to cutting away the damaged portions, proper spring maintenance should always include using mulch or fertilizer around a tree and checking the soil's water levels.

Using mulch around a tree restores the nutrients they rely on to grow but may have been stripped away in the course of the winter. It also has additional benefits — when done correctly — of keeping weeds at bay.

Measuring the water levels of the soil around a tree can help determine if additional watering is needed. It's important to make sure that there's enough moisture four to six inches deep to make sure that strong roots grow and continue to flourish beneath the surface.

To find out more about building a quality tree maintenance routine for spring, or to get a quote for tree maintenance services, visit www.tarzantreevb.com/.

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