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TaskMyMail Launch KickStarter Campaign to Simplify the Task Lists

Managing emails and daily tasks can be a daunting undertaking to take on. TaskMyMail is a new, innovative app that was created to manage emails, and it doubles as a to-do list app. Users are able to add tasks directly from emails. It saves people time, and minimizes movement going back and forth between emails and a to-do list.


Leeds, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- A Kickstarter project to launch the TaskMyMail app has just been released. TaskMyMail is an app that helps in the creation of tasks or lists of things to do as well as management of emails. It enables users to directly add tasks from their emails.

Globally, about 250-300 billion emails are transmitted on a daily basis. And, people spend an approximate of 28% of their total time checking emails. The app can help save time for two good reasons: most emails sent or received are mainly tasks and can easily be lost in the many emails sent to an individual’s inbox daily.

The application is two in one; one only needs one screen in order to get everything done using the app. It is the first app ever developed to feature both tasks and inbox of emails on the same screen. The TaskMyMail app consists of two major sections; an inbox and tasks. All emails received are stored in the inbox folder and tasks comprise the individual activities to follow up and get done.

The application has also been designed to save time. It takes just a single slide with one’s fingers to create a new task. Within the same screen of the app, one can be able to view and access existing tasks and received emails. It is easy to use with the majority of slides requiring a simple slide. For instance, the transformation of an email into a new task is accomplished through a right slide whereas a slide to the left mark emails as read.

When a task is completed, the slide moves towards the right and left slide marks emails as read. Upon addition of a task from TaskMyMail, the user is prompted to alter their title for easy identification in the future. Emails sent can also be easily tracked using the application. The title of a task created from a sent email is ‘waiting for reply’. Upon receipt of a response, the title of the tasks changes to ‘reply received’ and the task placed on top of the others.

As a result, this helps users recall what was featured in the sent emails or what they requested for. Furthermore, TaskMyMail app will be compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. The developer of this app has experienced designers and developers that have worked hard to create this great project. The app will be available for download free of charge.

In order to make the application a success, the developer is calling upon people to join the pledge on the Kickstarter project.

About TaskMyMail
TaskMyMail is a new creative Android and iPhone application based on a Kickstarter project. It allows you to create tasks from your emails with a simple slide. Get an access to your emails and your tasks directly from the main screen and enjoy a lot of other features designed in a user-friendly and beautiful application.

Contact: Pierre MARTIN ( (general email)
City: Leeds
Country: England
Kickstarter link: