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TATEMS International / PCHelp LTD Launches TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software

TATEMS International / PCHelp LTD Provides Software Facilitating Organization Process


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Recent studies confirm 58 percent of businesses are still using largely manual data entry, analysis and organization methods in their daily operations. While helpful in their own right, these systems pose a number of correlation issues, especially in the areas of payroll, inventory control and fleet maintenance records. Surveys conducted among those falling into this category depict 87 percent of those companies would, if given the opportunity to efficiently and cost effectively do so, implement an all inclusive data management system into their business practices. In an effort to eliminate the difficulties brought about by ineffectual programming strategies, PCHelp LTD has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of their latest development, TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software.

Marc Ready, President and Founder of PCHelp LTD, explained, "Our TATEMS Fleet Management Software was originally developed in 1998. The entire system came into being as a result of a problem encountered by one of our clients. His business, a Water Well Drilling company, had failed a recent California Highway Patrol Biennial Inspection of Terminals. This is a strict Department of Transportation inspection, enforced by the state of California, pertaining to all companies with vehicles, trailers and heavy equipment. In his case, performing maintenance was not the issue; keeping up with the paperwork involved was his downfall. We knew his company couldn't be the only one facing this type of difficulty. With the BIT Inspection in mind, PC Help LTD set out to create an easy to use program that would allow our client to properly track and maintain his equipment. The following year, we took what we had learned and created a version that would easily be usable by anyone with a fleet of trucks, trailers and equipment. It's entire purpose is to simplify Fleet Maintenance record keeping so our clients can focus on their equipment maintenance itself, rather than paperwork. Due to the tremendous reception it has received, TATEMS has become the main focus of our business."

"We provide potential clients with a 30 day free trial of the full version of our software," Ready went on to say, "After they decide to purchase our computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS, they simply supply us with the serial number displayed on the TATEMS registration screen. Once their serial number has been registered, they may continue using the software in the same manner as during the trial. Any information they entered within the prior 30 day period will be saved, allowing clients to avoid the hassle of re-entering their data. Our product is the most efficient, effortless and inexpensive software of its kind on the market today."

About TATEMS International / PCHelp LTD
Originally founded in 1997 as a computer consulting company, PCHelp LTD turned their attention to developing software providing worry free organization of fleet maintenance records, thus creating the TATEMS International Fleet Management system. Their objective is to cater to the needs of their clients, provide exemplary customer service and incorporate their Christian Faith in all aspects of their business practices.