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Tatsu Tea Advises on the Importance of Electrolytes for Performance


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2019 -- Electrolytes are essential natural minerals that are found in particular foods and drinks and are necessary for the healthy function of the human body. Tatsu Tea was created using a perfect infusion of Japanese Matcha Tea blended with essential electrolyte minerals. The result is a refreshing drink that helps to maintain and optimize energy levels, all while improving concentration.

Athletes and workers under physical strain need additional electrolytes to protect their cardiovascular system and avoid dehydration. Electrolytes such as sodium are lost when people sweat, meaning that they must be replenished when excessive sweating occurs. The thermal strain caused by heat can harm performance, whether in sport or when working in intense situations.

Competing athletes need to replenish electrolytes for recovery rapidly; the best way to do this is by drinking beverages that are pre-loaded with these essential minerals. Symptoms associated with low electrolyte levels include headaches, palpitations, muscle weakness, fatigue, and poor concentration. Too much sodium can have a negative effect on athletes and workers rushing to replenish large amounts with salt tablets. That's why Tatsu Tea recommends their unique product, because it offers comprehensive support through an optimum blend of essential minerals.

Tatsu Tea is also packed with antioxidants which are great for removing dangerous free radicals from the bloodstream. Their blend of minerals helps to boost metabolic functions, enhancing weight loss processes throughout the body. The drink offers a great source of natural energy and contains high levels of Vitamin C and Zinc. For more information and to order Tatsu Tea today, visit https://www.tatsutea.com/.

More about Tatsu Tea:

Originally conceived as a way to prevent jet lag, Tatsu Tea utilizes a precise blend of traditional Japanese matcha tea combined with essential electrolytes. The blend provides natural stimulation and energizing effects for individuals who need to both optimize their energy levels and remain alert and focused at all times. Tatsu Tea is the matcha upgrade designed to help today's modern warriors.