Tattoo Removal Clinic Based in London Offers Laser Tattoo Removal Starting as Low as £30


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2013 -- Tattoos can be a beautiful work of art on skin or sometimes a bother that a person tries to hide. Maybe the person was young when they got the tattoo and they no longer want it or maybe it is just in a place they do want a tattoo anymore. No matter the reason, City Tattoo Removal in London can help anyone looking for a laser tattoo removal procedure.

With treatments starting as low as £30, laser tattoo removal can be an affordable option for those with unwanted tattoos. There are different types of laser tattoo removal such as square laser spots and normal laser spots that are used at City Tattoo Removal in London. City Tattoo Removal also treats all different skin types unlike most tattoo removal clinics.

There are different factors that influence each person’s treatment such as quantity of ink used, depth of the ink placed on the skin, type of ink used, location on the body, age of the tattoo, colors of the inks used, and the size of the tattoo. More than one treatment is required due to these different factors.

City Tattoo Removal treats over 130 tattoos per week and offer safe, fast and effective solutions to tattoo reduction or permanent removal. City Tattoo Removal offers free consultation and competitive pricing for clients. A free test patch will also be given to clients to see if they want to continue with treatment.

Treatments at City Tattoo Removal start at £30 and are based on the size of the area. City Tattoo Removal offers pricing packages for multiple treatments.

About City Tattoo Removal
City Tattoo Removal has over 20 years of experience in laser tattoo removal. By only using state of the art, gold standard in laser tattoo removal machines, City Tattoo Removal is able to offer exceptional service and results at a competitive price. The London-based clinic is staffed only and exclusively by experienced and fully trained medical professionals. To begin a laser tattoo removal process, simply contact City Tattoo Removal at