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Tattoo Removal Is Included in Strax Rejuvenation's New 'Strax Gives Back' Charitable Program


Lauderhill, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Strax Rejuvenation, a premier plastic surgery facility located in the greater Broward County, Florida area, is still accepting applicants for its Strax Gives Back program. The charitable program will allow qualified patients to receive aesthetic procedures that they otherwise could not afford.

People who are interested in applying for the Strax Gives Back program are welcome to apply between now and December 12 through the clinic’s Facebook page.

One procedure that will be included in the generous program is tattoo removal. Quite often, people with tattoos end up regretting their decision and wish to have them removed. While in the past, tattoos were usually truly permanent, these days highly precise lasers can lighten or even fully remove most unwanted tattoos.

For people who are looking for tattoo removal Miami area Strax Rejuvenation’s highly-trained staff is ready, willing and able to help. The laser tattoo removal uses focused or pulsing light on the ink particles, which are then broken up into tiny pieces and absorbed harmlessly into the body, all without damaging the surrounding tissue.

“Results can generally be seen within a few weeks, although larger and darker tattoos may require more treatments than smaller, lighter ones,” an article on the Strax Rejuvenation website said, adding that occasionally, treated skin will look whiter or paler than the skin around it, but this is usually temporary and fades in the months following treatment.

As a previous press release noted, offering laser tattoo removal service is also part of Strax Rejuvenation’s efforts to drive down the costs of cosmetic surgeries. Although the Strax Rejuvenation financing department can help patients come up with affordable payment plans for their aesthetic procedures, the ultimate goal of the staff is to reduce overall costs and help more people afford the various services.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Strax Rejuvenation is welcome to visit the clinic’s user friendly website; there, they can read in-depth information about the many services that are available, as well as about the highly-trained and knowledgeable staff who works there.

About Strax Rejuvenation
In business since 2004, Strax Rejuvenation has successfully performed over 40,000 procedures since their opening day. To ensure patient safety and care, all surgeons that are permitted to perform surgeries on the wellness center’s patients are board certified and credentialed by independent risk managers, and their prior medical histories are closely scrutinized before they are permitted to practice surgery. Supported by numerous doctors, anesthesiologists, registered nurses and physician’s assistants, patients are assured to receive the very best possible experience in a warm, friendly, and nurturing environment. For more information, please visit http://www.straxrejuvenation.com