Tattooing Made Easy - Elite Tattoo Pro Reveals How to Tattoo Like a PRO


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- Elite Tattoo Pro is a powerful handbook with insider tattoo artist tips, tricks, secrets and techniques of tattooing any one would need to become a tattoo artist. This book has everything any aspiring tattoo artist needs and the valuable information that it contains, it takes other tattoo artists years and years of experience to learn plus they can refer to it time and time again. The Elite Tattoo Pro is a book that current professional tattoo artists have admitted that they would have done anything to get their hands on when they started to learn how to tattoo. It is the only step by step, ALL IN ONE tattooing handbook in the market that can take a beginner to an advanced tattoo artist level.

Elite Tattoo Pro will take its reader from learning how to tattoo all the way up to running their own tattoo business; this includes learning about proper tattoo techniques for lining, shading, coloring also insider tips for finding a location, costs, and even a complete business plan. The book also teaches the much needed essential information about tattoo machines, which machines work best, and which ones to avoid plus secret tattoo machine tricks that pro tattoo artists use. Additionally, there are writer’s recommendation of the best tattoo machines and inks.

The Elite Tattoo pro book is jam packed with useful information, and detailed full color illustration to show tattooing the right way and the safe way to learn how to tattoo yourself. This premium tattooing book also explains to readers the 6-point ELITE TATTOO ARTISTS CODE OF ETHICS that almost 90%+ of successful tattoo artists follow, critical tattoo safety precautions every tattoo artist must take and mistakes that should be avoided from day one. Elite Tattoo Pro book also comes with over 120 exclusive Elite Tattoo Pro professional tattoo instructional videos that contain great detail on the process of professional tattooing. These videos are all High Definition and are available online to Elite Tattoo Pro members only.

Furthermore, buyers will get access to Elite Tattoo Pro Tattoo Flash and Stencil Library which includes over 50,000 flash and stencils. All these valuable tips, tricks, techniques, secret information and features on how to become a tattoo artist are enough for any beginner tattoo artists to achieve a creative edge over all others.

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