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Taurus Accounting Showcases Services to Help Businesses Increase Bottom Line

The New Zealand economy is positioned for continued growth. Taurus Accounting wants to help businesses continue to drive the economy upward by showcasing their services at http://www.taurusnz.co.nz.


Christchurch, Canterbury -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2015 -- According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's 2015 Business Growth Agenda, the New Zealand government is making a significant investment in the economy, focusing on creating the right environment for business growth. The report indicates New Zealand's recovery from the recent economic crisis has been exemplary, citing five straight years of economic growth that has been, in large part, fueled by job creation, an increase in annual wages, and greater business investment. The New Zealand government strongly believes now is the time to plan for sustained economic growth that will give businesses the confidence to continue to invest and hire.

It is with this strong financial outlook in mind that Taurus Accounting, a team of forward-thinking Christchurch Accountants, is showcasing its services to help businesses take advantage of the economic growth and position themselves for upward mobility. The team at Taurus believes knowledge is empowering, and they want to use their expertise to support business owners in understanding their current situation and help them achieve their business goals.

Wayne Bailey, CEO of Taurus Accounting, confirms, stating, "Having high-quality accounting services is a crucial component of developing a solid financial strategy. Our first step is getting to know a business inside and out and completing a full analysis that helps us get a sense of the key financial issues the business is facing. Our advisory and consultation services support the business throughout all phases of implementation, ensuring they stay on track with things like income allocation, taxation, and regulatory compliance. If the company needs funding to meet their financial goals, we can help them negotiate and secure business loans or pursue other cost-effective sources of funding."

Bailey goes on to say, "What Taurus Accounting provides is much more than just money management. We want to see businesses grow, and we know that making that happen requires an intricate strategy that takes a number of financial factors into account. When we work with a business, we don't just want to see their bottom line increase. Our team works diligently to make sure that the company has what it needs to advance their position in the market while mitigating risk and exposure."

"Thriving businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy. If we want to continue to move the economy forward, we must invest in business success. Taurus Accounting wants to play a key role in helping the government achieve its growth goals by supporting businesses in meeting and exceeding theirs."

About Taurus Accounting
Taurus Accounting was established in 1995 with the mission of creating sustainable financial solutions for businesses. The team at Taurus embraces people as the heart of their business and their greatest asset. With a service philosophy that focuses on creativity, individuality, integrity, and strong values, Taurus provides a full suite of financial services aimed at helping business owners face and meet a series of intricate challenges and resolve them in an innovative, professional manner that truly exceeds expectations.