Tax Expert Details Earned Income Tax Credit for 2014, 2015


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- Frank Ellis, a Traverse City Tax Preparation Examiner, has revealed insightful details about the earned income tax credit on Intended for low and moderate income families in America, the credit requires several qualifications for one to be eligible. These are explained in detail so people know exactly what they need before applying.

The article provides a link to the EIC tax table so one can estimate their earned income tax credit. Restrictions on who can file are listed as well, clarifying any misunderstandings which can possibly occur. Other requirements are explained too. Income must meet qualifying limits and with the right information, people can use the calculator to see an estimate of how much money they might get.

In addition, the article provides a preview of the credit for the current year. Income limits are specified, while examples of income and expected credits are provided so families can get a pretty good idea of what to expect. Maximum credit, based on the number of qualified children, is listed as well.

Readers are also provided with what qualifies a child as a tax credit. Age, relation, and condition of the person being claimed are factors to consider for qualification. According to the author, the child must live with the person claiming them and be within a certain age range.

EIC calculations may vary depending on state; the article stresses the importance of checking with the state even though most qualifications and calculations are similar to federal rules. The article also identifies IRS publication 596 as a reference for qualification information, as well as the form required to file for the federal earned income tax credit.

It also briefly mentions TurboTax as a simple way to file taxes online. For more information on the tax credit and the latest IRS tax guidelines, read the article posted at

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