Tax Expert Reveals Payroll Tax Withholding Calculator for Employers for 2014


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- Frank Ellis, Traverse City’s expert tax guru, is out with another important tool for use during the 2014 tax filing season. This time Ellis is focusing on the employer and he as revealed an effective tax withholding calculator. According to Ellis, “It’s crucial that employers withhold the correct amount of taxes from their employee’s earnings and this is the best withholding calculator I have come across, so I had to share it"

Or employers, the world of tax withholding can be treacherous. Withholding either too little or too much can get the employer in trouble. The withholding calculator that Ellis presents makes it easy for employers to calculate just how much to withhold so that the government is satisfied and they do not have disgruntled employees.

This tool takes much of the work from the payroll manager when it’s time to determine withholding. Most significant for employers, it insures that they always withhold the correct amount of taxes from each paycheck. One unique feature of the payroll withholding calculator is that it helps explain the taxes being taken out. It provides information, specifics, and the reasons why the amount of taxes is being withheld.

Employees begin the process by filling out their W-4 forms and then employers take it from there by entering the information given into the calculator and letting the calculator do what it was intended to do, compute the exact and the correct amount of taxes to withhold.

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