Tax Parcel Data That Improves Decision Making


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2019 -- If you are looking for a robust GIS data library of parcel boundaries, is your one stop shop for tax parcels. USLandGrid now has parcel attribute data for over 144.0 million properties in 2,929 U.S. counties covering 97% of U.S. population.

Accurate tax parcel data improves planning, operations and decision making, increases land research productivity, and decreases data collection and field research costs.

Their tax parcel coverage includes all 50 states, with most of their counties updated twice per year. Their business model is perpetual, meaning you own and keep the data (no more removing or renting tax parcel data).

USLandGrid also uses a consistent data model across states and counties. This makes consumption of the tax parcels easier to integrate within your desktop software and enterprise systems.

The tax parcels layer with standardized nationwide attributes includes parcel id, address, owner, sales price, market value, school district, property size, and many other attributes.

Maintenance (or updates) are available as an option. Maintenance is 50% of your original buy price per year. With two updates per year, this is a viable option for most.

About USLandGrid
USLandGrid provides instant access to high resolution GIS data based on nationally trusted sources. They provide land grid data, tax parcel data and oil and gas data.

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