Tax Preparation Expert Frank Ellis Tackles the Sometimes Confusing Topic of the Earned Income Tax Credit


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Traverse City tax preparation examiner and expert commentator, Frank Ellis, is out with another of his helpful articles just in time for tax filing season. This time, Ellis tackles the popular, but sometimes misunderstood issue of the Earned Income Tax Credit, or EIC.

As Ellis explains, the EIC is a federal tax credit for low and middle income families, and over the years, this credit has become one of the most popular incentives during tax time since it is a pure credit and not a deduction, it boosts the chances of a refund or greatly expands an existing refund.

Ellis has written a very matter-of-fact and informative article to help guide taxpayers through the EIC rules and qualifications. As with any helpful piece, the article starts by defining the EIC and giving readers a general idea of what the EIC is and who qualifies for it.

Perhaps the most informative and helpful section of this particular article features the inclusion of the EIC table and EIC calculator which lets readers know how much they qualify for based on their individual incomes. The table also lists the maximum credit someone can expect depending on the number of qualifying children they have.

The issue of qualifying children is an important one when it comes to the EIC and it is this issue that often trips taxpayers up, so Ellis spends a great deal of time delving into this hot topic. The article fully explains who the IRS considers to be a qualifying child and when they become such.

Finally, Ellis touches on the individual state tables and how they may vary, which is another important piece of information for tax filers to have before they determine whether or not to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit.

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