Taxi Culture in the Philippines Is Much Different Than London Says Sherbet Media


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2015 -- The Philippines is fast becoming one of the world's top travel destinations. White sand beaches, friendly village culture and modern, vibrant cities attract tourists from around the world who come to relax, shop, swim and see the many colourful sights on offer.

Bringing a splash of that exotic excitement to the streets of London, the Philippines Tourist Board, in celebration of their Visit Philippines Year (VPY) campaign have commissioned several eye-catching super side taxi adverts , spreading some island warmth to the busy streets of London.

As people step into these custom cabs and escape the chaos of the city, sit back and allow their imagination to wonder to the colourful streets of the Philippines' capital - Manila. Taxis are a frequent and iconic sight there too, but the taxis in the Philippines couldn't be more different from the Black Cabs people are used to here.

The most popular forms of taxi transport on the islands are Jeepneys and Trisikads. Colourful, eye-catching and often covered in cartoons, stickers, flowers and even photos – each one is completely unique!


Jeepneys are the most commonly used form of taxi transport in the Philippines. These enhanced and heavily decorated former US military jeeps feature imagery ranging from graffiti styled names to world flags, to images of rock n roll stars and the Virgin Mary.

While Jeepneys are not the most comfortable form of transport (especially in the intense Philippine heat), it is none the less considered to be one of the most convenient, travelling all around from big cities to rural villages.

Catching a Jeepney is similar to catching a London Taxi, you simply stand on the corner of the road and hail one down!


Trisikads are one of the best ways to travel short distances in the Philippines. Like Jeepneys, these vibrant, three wheeled vehicles are all unique, reflecting their drivers' personalities. Manila has some of the most fun Triskikad designs.

Some drivers will let brave tourists swap places with them and cycle them to their chosen destination!

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