TBWHS - Announces All Reviews Have Been Reanalized


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- The-Best-Web-Hosting-Service.com, one of the leading web hosting review websites is pleased to announced that all reviews on web hosting companies have been rewritten, reanalyzed, and rerated.

TBWHS will continue to improve on reviews with updates and published comments as new feedback come in from host that are reviewed on our website. I monitor the votes that each web host gets and talk back and forth with many different webmasters on what they like and don't like about web hosting companies.

These announcements were made by the CEO (Garen Arnold) of Dead Dog Design Inc., which runs and maintains TBWHS:

"I listen to what webmasters were saying about many different web hosting services. I reassessed my experience with them and checked around on the forums and other web hosting review sites to get a better understanding of what people were stating about each individual company; I made adjustments accordingly."

Some web hosting services have been moved from avoided to now recommended because of the overwhelming feedback I received from users.

"Myhosting.com was on web hosting company that made the switch from not being recommended to being recommended. I received countless comments from happy customers for 8 months. Now Myhosting.com has 73 positive votes and 26 negative. Nearly, everyone that is visiting that review is leaving positive feedback."

Check out the Myhosting.com review here: http://www.the-best-web-hosting-service.com/myhosting-review.php

"PowWeb.com was one company that I did recommend at one time, but as the comments flowed in I realized that PowWeb was lacking in many areas now and decided to move them to not recommended. The votes seem to be negative and comments are horrible now."

Check out the PowWeb.com review here: http://www.the-best-web-hosting-service.com/powweb-review.php

It's vital that TBWHS stays up to date to keep it an honest hosting review site. In the upcoming months I will strive to present different web hosting companies with hosting awards and always keep an eye on what users are saying about there experience working with individual hosting companies.

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Owner of TBWHS