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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Marine ships and boats are highly sensitive equipment which need strong parts and components to go with them so that they can perform to their utmost capacity and deliver to the best of their abilities. However, if they are paired up with the wrong kinds of components and parts, there is a big chance that they may malfunction while at sea and this can result in drastic consequences for the passengers and the crew. Therefore, T.C. Electronics has made it their aim to provide the best GLM Marne Inc. parts to marine shipments and also for other customers as well.

T.C. Electronics provide customers with a number of services as well, like OMC and Mercruiser repairs, along with OMC Cobra 400/800 parts and components. Other companies they cater to include Stringer, Johnson outdoor parts and other, sub-products of Mercruiser as well. They also co-manufacture some of the GLM products which speaks of their high quality skills and services. They also provide how to series for many of their products and customers can learn a number of different things by subscribing to them. Their repair videos and manuals make for great viewing and reading, respectively. They truly are a very professional and dedicated team. For customers who have applied for the stern drive repair, they offer special technical support.They ship their products to nearly all foreign countries like the UK and other parts of Europe, although customers will have to pay for the shipping too.

Apart from OMC and Mercruiser repairs, they also offer a full line of GLM products to boats of. Every year, the knowledge and skill of their technicians is put to good use when they bring this line out. Their office staff is just as dedicated as the engineers working in the field and they make sure that all transactions make the customers happy and satisfied. They can also rebuild and reconstruct certain broken down OMC parts. They have the hugest electric shift parts in the world as far as OMC is concerned. They also have a very effective supply chain which runs from manufacturer to customer (with a deliverer in between) and thus, they can ship to all countries in the world.

About T.C. Electronics
T.C. Electronics has been working in this arena for nearly ten years in full and they are experts in their fields. Their aim is to provide customers with the utmost care and service. Their products are of a very high quality and will work in perfect condition for well over two years in total.

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