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TCM Recipe Discovered by Eczema Sufferer Kah Guan to Cure Himself Available to Limited Few

TCM Recipe launches what they believe is the most effective remedy for eczema from a formula devised from traditional Chinese treatments, now made available to people around the world.


Kepong, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- Eczema is a persistent skin condition that causes dryness of the skin, which develops into an itchy rash, and can be caused by irritant contact, allergic reaction or hereditary factors. As well as being uncomfortable, eczema is debilitating for sufferers, affecting not only their bodies but their mental state, causing disruption of sleep and problems with confidence and self esteem. Treatments have varying effects but none have claimed to be able to cure eczema, until now. TCM Recipe is an eczema treatment, found by eczema sufferer Kah Guan, which has its roots in Chinese traditional medicine.

The revolutionary eczema treatment includes all natural ingredients including Chinese licorice, Lu Li Hua flowers, bamboo, lantern plant and more to create an herbal remedy that stimulates blood flow, encourages moisture retention while allowing skin to breathe, encouraging the healing process to remove sore patches.

The eczema cure is claimed to require no maintenance after a course of treatment, as the herbal remedy changes the cellular structure over time to increase their robustness and permanently change the way skin in that area metabolizes moisture while reducing the prevalence of allergic reactions. This product is available but in very limited supplies as each batch is selling out almost before it goes on sale. The product is causing much excitement among sufferers after promising early tests.

A spokesperson for TCM Recipe explained, “Kah Guan found the remedy from traditional Chinese medicine after being frustrated with the hundreds of creams and pills he had been prescribed from regular medicine, all of which included ingredients that created a side effect that had to be treated by another medicine, and still the cocktail proved ineffective. Traditional medicine uses natural ingredients to sooth, moisturize and promote the skin to heal itself in a natural way. With over two hundred chronic sufferers already cured of eczema, doctors are now re-evaluating the idea that it can never be cured.”

About TCM Recipe
TCM Recipe sells Malaysia's No.1 Traditional Eczema Remedy. It's so unique that moisturizers are no longer required to heal the skin, and require no pills like anti histamines, steroids or anti-biotics. A breakthrough discovery in the treatment of eczema, even doctors who used to say eczema could never be cured are amazed at its results. Although with limited supply, Kah Guan had used the remedy has healed over 600 of sufferer’s world-wide by age 20. For more information please visit: